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Postby [AK907]Pricky » Sun Jun 23, 2013 5:23 pm

These BF3 Players:
  • Evonoucono
  • JulioMinotto
  • ImperialDragon99
  • AOTaustin
  • omegawolf1000

Have been banned from AK907 Battlefield 3 Server for the following (taken directly from chat log) :
[17:36:30] Evonoucono > MONKEYNIFTY please leave the server
[17:36:39] Evonoucono > please dont have me ban you
[17:36:45] Evonoucono > please leave
[17:37:35] Evonoucono > dont make me ban you monkeynifty

As for the others that have been listed here, besides Evonoucono, are being banned as they are suspected of being part of the "[PACK]" crew as they all wear the same tags as Evonoucono. What I find suspicious is they all have each other as friends and no one else. Highly suspicious and not only that, but demanding true Battlefield players to leave a server that they have no rights to, and telling players "dont have me ban you" when they have no authority to do so is just wrong.

If you would like to protest this, I suggest you man up, hop on our TeamSpeak server so we can give you a good chewing, and we'll see what happens from there. Some donations from you 5 would be desirable as well, as restitution for what you have done.

I might add that if you think you've been banned by mistake, register for an account here and post about it. We can work through it if it was a mistake.

If anyone objects to this, speak now or forever hold your peace. :)

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