Caught a cheater...

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Caught a cheater...

Postby [AK907]Pricky » Sun Feb 02, 2014 5:18 pm

Caught a cheater on our server recently (thanks to the SQL logging and web page that we have as this is what helped me to discover this dude) and issued a ban.

The player's name is "HoangcuongBFs" (GUID: 18334dd13cdf7db2cd2a0b2a2772f291).

BF4DB is showing some pretty questionable numbers for him for various weapons he uses ( - 99 out of 100 "Cheat Score").

Particularly, the part where it says this player has got 79 out of 79 headshots with the .44 mag pistol.

A BIG thanks to HammerOfJustice over at ACI for helping me to understand a little bit about why ACI and PBBans may not have caught this guy yet. He won't be playing on our RANKED servers any more.

Any questions? Appeal below.
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