How-To Appeal a Ban

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How-To Appeal a Ban

Postby [AK907]Pricky » Thu Nov 21, 2013 2:46 pm

We understand that not everyone is guilty. While we implement a variety of security measures on our servers, sometimes something happens and someone accidentally gets banned. Or maybe there was a complete misunderstanding and a ban was enforced that shouldn't have been.

No matter the reason, you are here in our forums to appeal the ban. We applaud you for taking the effort! You'd be surprised at how many people just forget it and move on to another server!

You can find a list of server rules here (

That being said, here are some guidelines that will help to "ease" the appeal process.
  • Be a noob
  • Name and flame
  • Be annoying
  • Be rude

  • Be polite! We are here to help, not get bashed!
  • Use the template below to get an idea of what to put in your appeal
  • Ask, don't demand!

The Ban Appeal Template:
Try to make your post look as much like this as possible. You can even copy the "code" section and paste it into your post, just make sure you adjust the areas that pertain to you.

In-Game Name: GvnrRickPerry
Server Banned On: AK907 Battlefield 4 RUSH/CQ
Admin that Banned you: [AK]Gr0wzy
Stated Reason for Ban: Breaking rule number 6

Reason I Should be Un-Banned:
I didn't know I was not allowed to wear my AK clan tags on your server. I am a member of <whatever> and we use the same tags! Please un-ban me, because I love playing on your server!

Additional Thoughts or Comments: I really hope I get un-banned because I love playing on your server and am missing out on mad points by missing these past few hours!

Code: Select all
[size=150][u]In-Game Name:[/u] [b][color=#00BF00]<NAME>[/color][/b]
[u]Server Banned On:[/u][b] [color=#00BF00]<BATTLEFIELD_SERVER_NAME>[/color][/b]
[u]Admin that Banned you:[/u][b][color=#BF0000] <ADMIN_NAME>[/color][/b]
[u]Stated Reason for Ban: [/u][b][color=#0040FF]<BAN REASON>[/color][/b]

[u]Reason I Should be Un-Banned: [/u]<PLEASE_UNBAN_ME_REASON>

[size=150][u]Additional Thoughts or Comments:[/u][/size]
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